Travel Tips



LILY WALKS A LOT!  Comfortable, durable walking shoes are an absolute must! The streets of Paris are cobblestone and uneven and the steps and stairs endless!  Our good friend, the underground Metro, is a maze of long corridors and many stairs!


Internet and Cell Phones

Carrying a cell phone in Paris is your option.  Most wireless phone companies offer packages for calling and texting while you are traveling internationally; you will want to be aware, however, that calls within France are considered “long-distance” and can be expensive.  Likewise with internet/data usage – PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS.



As Lily is completely bilingual you don’t have to worry about language issues.  Some travelers however, prefer to have a “smartphone” app with a language program installed, or to carry a pocket dictionary for their use.  Many French people do speak at least some English, certainly the younger ones.  That said, people the world over always appreciate when visitors attempt to communicate with them in their native language, in even the simplest situations.  “Merci”, “bonjour”, “au revoir”, etc. are easy to master and instantly put you in the good graces of your host citizens!


Currency and Credit Cards

There is no need to arrive in Paris with their currency, Euros. They are often difficult to obtain outside of Europe and are costly (you frequently lose on the exchange rate) and your ATM/Debit card works just fine at the many cash points around the city.  However, there are a fair number of merchants that only accept the “Carte Bleue” (a “chipped” card), unique to them.

To conquer that challenge it is alway good to carry some cash with you but note that you will also find that Visa and MasterCard are accepted in many places, including most restaurants. American Express is used less.  Since you will be met at the airport by our prearranged Shuttle and brought directly to the Hotel you will not have to concern yourself with this issue until we get started and Lily can help you!).