Dec 19

Lily loves Paris!

Lily loves Paris!  But saying “Paris” is like referring to an entire country – Paris is BIG and it would take a lifetime of trips to this fascinating city to say that you truly “know” Paris. Each of the 20 Arrondissements (neighborhoods) is a little world unto itself. Each one has its own character, “feel”, charm, and its own unique peculiarities.

While Lily has explored many, many parts of Paris over her extensive time spent there, she is especially fond of the Left Bank and, most specifically, the Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter). This high energy area (considered to be the site of the original Paris and was then called Lutece) covers the 5th and 6th Arrondissements and is home to the Pantheon, the institutes of higher learning (the Sorbonne, for one) and the bohemian philosophers and artists who dwelt there (Sartre, de Beauvoir, Hemmingway, Joyce and Miller – to name just a few!).

The ambiance is welcoming and exciting and makes it the ideal place for experiencing everyday life as the locals do. Lily will take you to the little “hidden treasures” of the “quartier”, away from the tourists and off-the-beaten path!

Lily’s tours are loosely structured and casual. And, while she will bathe you in the Left Bank she will also lead you into the other arrondissements for a little exploration and diversity and will include a day trip to the lovely city of Versailles with its charm, slower pace and the historical beauty of the Chateau.

Lily invites you to join her and share in the fun.  Please take a look at the “Typical Itinerary” page to get a peek at some of what’s in store for you!