Through her many years of travel to and living in France Lily offers you the side of Paris that experience has uncovered for her. Lily finds the best, small, boutique “Hotels de charme” that are off-the-beaten path and that typify what this “other” Paris has to offer. She also knows the most authentic and interesting neighborhood cafes and brasseries frequented by the locals. Great (often simple) food, vin de table and charming wait staff that exude that certain “je ne sais quoi”!

Lily likes to WALK! That’s how she discovered Paris – on foot, in every nook and delightful Parisian cranny available! And that’s how she can best unveil these hidden treasures to you!  Paris is, however, a very large city so along with the amazingly efficient underground marvel, le Metro, we will use buses, taxis and trains as well.

Over the course of your 8 day/7 night women’s walking tour Lily will introduce you to “les secrets de Paris”. You will discover the REAL Paris. A truly UNFORGETTABLE experience!



Please note that every Lily Goes to Paris “Walking Tours for Women” is unique. No two tours are the same. However, the following itinerary is indicative of what you may expect, in general. What IS consistent throughout all of the tours (unless otherwise noted) is that Breakfast and Dinner are included in the price of your tour. All transportation in and around Paris, admissions to events or places and, of course, your SEVEN night Hotel stay are also included. PLEASE NOTE that your Paris Women’s Walking Tour begins and ends in Paris (you are responsible for your airfare). All tours begin on a Sunday and end on a Sunday, eight (8) days later in Paris. Lily wants you to know that her tours are designed to be small and intimate.  Typically, no more than 6 clients are booked for each tour (the exception being if you have a GROUP that is larger – it may be priced differently). We take a “low-profile” approach to our touring, blending in with the “locals” as much as possible.


AFTER your flight to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, you will be brought to our charming, boutique HOTEL by pre-arranged Shuttle.



  1. Check in to your room
  2. Meet in lobby for a “Welcome Lunch” for all who have arrived by this time (Lily’s Treat!)
  3. Return to Hotel to unpack or rest from your flight
  4. Late afternoon meet-up for an “Aperitif” (coffee, tea, wine, snack, your choice)
  5. Dinner – in one of Lily’s favorite cafes, bistros, brasseries or restaurants



  1. Breakfast in the Hotel
  2. Visit to local Organic Cheese shop for wine and cheese tasting
  3. Stroll along the Seine and explore the historical “Bouquinistes” (booksellers)
  4. LUNCH in a charming local bistro
  5. A little shopping on a delightful nearby street
  6. Late afternoon RIVERBOAT tour of the Seine on a small and intimate boat
  7. Dinner – In another “local, fascinating” spot



  1. Breakfast in the Hotel
  2. Visit to one of the renowned outdoor Parisian markets to buy picnic lunch provisions
  3. PICNIC LUNCH in a quiet local garden/park
  4. Visit to the charming RODIN MUSEUM and it’s tranquil gardens and café
  5. Return to the Hotel to relax
  6. DINNER – At a charming and historical restaurant in the heart of the 5th!



  1. Breakfast in the Hotel
  2. Trip to MONTMARTRE and the beautiful SACRE COEUR, stopping at several of the historical “Covered Passages” along the way
  3. Meet with Lily’s friend, Omar, a local portrait artist on the Place des Tertres (book your portrait at a discounted price!)
  4. Lunch on a VERY “locals” street
  6. DINNER is an Intimate Soiree at the home of a local Parisian host



  1. Breakfast in the Hotel
  2. Train to Versailles to visit the incomparable Chateau of the “Sun King”
  3. Stroll the magnificent gardens
  4. LUNCH BY THE LAKE at an outdoor café (you’ll think you’re in a time long past!)
  5. Visit to the Private Apartments of MARIE ANTOINETTE
  6. Train back to Paris
  7. DINNER in a Very Special local restaurant – one of Lily’s very favorites!!



  1. Breakfast at the Hotel
  2. A very special treat – a CRUISE along the “hidden” canals of Paris (some are even underground!)
  3. LUNCH
  4. VISIT to a small quiet IMPRESSIONIST museum
  5. DINNER – another perfect Gem!



  1. Breakfast at the Hotel
  2. Visit to a famous CHOCOLATE SHOP for tasting and sinful purchases!
  3. LUNCH
  4. FREE AFTERNOON for your “last-minute”, “must-have” shopping!
  5. An “EVENING AT THE THEATER” – a real Parisian “Grand Finale” and in English too!
  6. Final DINNER with our group – good food, lots of photos and of course, great wine!



“AU REVOIR” Breakfast before your departure to the Airport by arranged Shuttle.  A BIENTOT! (See you next time!)




ALL MEALS (breakfast and dinner) except for lunch

ALL ADMISSION FEES TO EVENTS AND PLACES (eg. museums, boat rides, etc.)

ALL TRANSPORTATION COSTS IN AND AROUND PARIS (including shuttle tickets, Metro and bus tickets, train tickets) RELATED TO YOUR LILY TOUR

TOUR GUIDE SERVICES (Lily is complete bi-lingual and is available 24/7 for all your needs)



AIRFARE to and from Paris, including any taxes and fees (your tour begins and ends in Paris)



ALL TELEPHONE/INTERNET COSTS (with the exception of Wi-Fi which is included with your hotel stay)

LOST OR STOLEN ARTICLES (they are your responsibility)


Please be aware that the above Itinerary is a suggested one and that your actual Itinerary may vary.  Alternate itineraries will be, as much as possible, comparable to the one outlined above and Lily reserves the right to substitute or change the Itinerary as appropriate or necessary.  Lily’s tours are ever-evolving, always with the maximum enjoyment for you, the client, in mind!


****ONE FURTHER NOTELily suggests when you are searching for the best tour to suit your personal needs that you be aware of what is actually included and NOT in any company’s package.  Tour descriptions can sometimes be misleading and one should be careful to not make assumptions.  For example, a “week-long” tour may mean a full seven nights or, as is sometimes the case, five days or nights (or any variation thereof).  Also Lily suggests that attention be paid to how much “personal free time” is called out as that can sometimes simply be “filler” time and a means of cutting tour overhead costs.  Finally, it is always wise to carefully review how many meals are included – that is, what are you actually receiving as part of your tour cost.  Of course most tour operators are honest and not attempting to be deceptive, but it does pay to understand what, exactly, you are getting for your money!  Just try and choose the best tour for YOU!