About Lily


Lily Goes to Paris came about as the result of my long “love affair” with Paris and the many requests of friends and family to formalize what I had been doing on a casual level for years. And that is, traveling to and exploring this amazing city. This folie about Paris started at an early age as I began studying the language and the people who spoke it. Once I started spending time in France, and Paris particularly, I was “hooked”!

Having lived in a number of countries, in both hemispheres, I was filled with wanderlust. Marrying a Frenchman, having a family, and starting a business (distributing French language films to the educational institutions and video chains in the U.S.), launched me on a path I could never have imagined! So, I launched “Lily Goes to Paris” to share my love and knowledge of the city with a broader group. Traveling with women sounded like a terrific idea – a means of giving them a safe, comfortable environment in which to tour, make new friends and create many special memories to take home with them. Et voila! I am delighted to invite you to join Lily and me on one of the upcoming tours for a truly unforgettable experience!

Lily and I currently reside in the United States when we’re not in Paris! We spend as much time as possible in France both with family and friends and simply enjoying the “joie de vivre” of Paris.