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2014-10-09-ConciergerieParis, France ~~~ City of enchantment, intrigue, electrifying energy, delectable food, wine and love! And, of course, the grand monuments; the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Arc de Triomph. More tourist destinations in one beautiful   city than seems imaginable!

Yet, there is another Paris. A Paris that belongs to the Parisians – the “unknown” Paris, the “hidden” Paris, the Paris that Lily knows and will introduce you to during this intimate WOMEN’S WALKING TOUR. That is what Lily Goes to Paris is all about!

Ladies, this trip is designed for YOU!

It’s a fabulous opportunity for you to “get away from it all”! A chance for you to get away on your own and meet other women who are eager to do the same. Or, it’s the perfect venue for that long overdue special time with Mom, daughter or sister. An opportunity to just “hang” with the girls, relax, forget your daily cares and woes!

“Lily” takes care of everything – you just need to show up!

Lily loves Paris!

Lily loves Paris!  But saying “Paris” is like referring to an entire country – Paris is BIG and it would take a lifetime of trips to this fascinating city to say that you truly “know” Paris. Each of the 20 Arrondissements (neighborhoods) is a little world unto itself. Each one has its own character, “feel”, charm, and its …

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